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A teenage spy is assigned on a mission to attend a high school to protect a schoolgirl who is targeted by an enemy organization but struggles to fit in with the normal life.

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original title: Agents of Secret Stuff

genge: Short,Action,Comedy,Romance


imdb: 8.6

duration: 35min




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Aden is a teenager who has been training all his life to become an official agent of the A.S.S. (Agents of Secret Stuff). To do that he must impress Tracy to give him his A.S.S. Honorary Operative License Entitlement (H.O.L.E.) on his mission. He is assigned a mission to go undercover and protect Taylor, a high school girl who is a target of an assassin group known as the S.I.N.S. (Society of Not-So-Good Stuff). A teenage spy is assigned on a mission to attend a high school to protect a schoolgirl who is targeted by an enemy organization but struggles to fit in with the normal life. This movie is HILARIOUS! One of the few movies that actually makes me laugh out loud! I absolute love RYAN, he's a seriously funny guy! This was recommended to me by my friends, and I was a bit skeptical, but I gave it a try and fell in love with it! I watch this all the time and I never get bored! If you haven't already heard of Ryan Higa, go check him out on Youtube, his videos are just as hilarious as this movie! Arden Cho (who plays Taylor) is a very good actor and had me in stitches! This movie is relatively short, so it doesn't take a lot of time to watch although it is completely worth it! No consideration at all. Perfect 10 out of 10. Why? Several reasons.

1. Ryan Higa is hilarious. He over-exaggerates sarcasm, he's actually an OK actor, the puns are rampant. 2. Arden Cho is hot. Every time she's on screen (which is most of the time) I can't look away, to be honest. 3. Gives an uncanny look into the lives of the undercover, socially unfamiliar secret agents that have to infiltrate teenage worlds like what we call high school. 4. Only 30 or so minutes. Easy to watch in one sitting/lying down.

If you like this video, be sure to check out Higa's other videos on his YouTube channel. He's absolutely hilarious and often makes fun of stereotypes and common trends that plague the media and society.


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A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

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original title: Orphan Black

genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7.8

duration: 44min

tags: The only way forward is to go back. (season 4)


keywords: suicide, brainwashedassassin, madscientist, geneticenhancement, femaleprotagonist, multipleidentities, identitytheft, actressplayingmultipleroles, humancloning, suicidebyjumpinginfrontofatrain, strong

















































Sarah Manning, a streetwise Brit by upbringing, has had a difficult life, living in foster care with a flamboyantly gay foster brother, artist Felix Dawkins, both under the care of their equally tough foster mother Siobhan Sadler, who eventually moved them all to Toronto. All single Sarah really wants is to provide a comfortable and stable life for her adolescent daughter, Kira. Sarah's life changes in an instant when she witnesses a woman who looks exactly like her commit suicide by stepping in front of a train. Witnessing that event is the first step to Sarah discovering that she was and is part of a cloning project, two of her other "sisters", suburban soccer mom Alison Hendrix and Ph.D. microbiology candidate Cosima Niehaus, along with her who collectively try to uncover the nature of the project, including who may be constantly watching them, and if there are other sisters out there about which they do not know. They will find that not all of their sisters would work toward the same goals as them, and that a parallel project has a completely different set of identicals. A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her. Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), a British orphan now living in America, witnesses the suicide of a woman named Beth, who looks exactly like her. Assuming Beth's identity brings Sarah a new apartment, a nice boyfriend, and trouble that includes a deadly conspiracy.

I watched the entire first season just in 1 day. Ultimate respect to Tatiana Maslany performance (S). (And her Body Double). Her accents are flawless and to actual film it - it must have been fairly challenging . She has done an amazing job playing all these unique different characters; I'm really amazed. And yes she won an Emmy! What can I say Tatiana Maslany has her work cut out for her. I wonder does she have 8 trailers on set? Fun show -- roller coaster plot. Not something to be over analyzed, just something to enjoy. If you're annoyed by not-so-great attempts at a British accent, or German ones for that matter, you might want to skip this one. If you like a heavy dose of plot twists, and a story that keeps you guessing -- definitely take a look at Orphan Black :-)

Not sure how long they can keep the momentum on something like this, as it's not similar to anything else I've seen. At first glance, I'd say this lends itself well to a mini-series format. Conclude the story and be done with it -- hopefully they won't attempt to milk it for more advertising dollars.

24 meets Sci-Fi and thankfully the SyFy network hasn't grabbed this one and ruined it... It is set and filmed in Toronto, Canada, this is why cars sport Ontario license plates, there is multi-coloured money, and a plane ticket that is displayed in the pilot episode clearly identifies Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Alison lives in Scarborough, the eastern district of Toronto, which Sarah refers to as "practically local". In the third episode, the night skyline shown around 13 minutes in is Toronto's, and the stolen motorcycle turns up in Parkdale, a neighborhood in southwestern Toronto. Furthermore, Sarah refers to a 'Bay Street', which is Toronto's financial district.

The police cars, station and mugs just say, "Police Department" and have almost the Toronto Police crest. The detectives use NYPD-style badges that say "Police Detective" (Beth's also says, "N.J."). The uniformed police have LAPD-style badges that say "Metropolitan Police". A close-up of Art's business card shows a phone number with area code 416, which is Toronto's area code.

In the first episode, Sarah arrives at the fictional "Huxley Station", where a loudspeaker announces that trains to New York will be departing from platform B, which would indicate the show is not set in New York.

Cosima Niehaus is in Toronto in the first episodes, but thereafter is seen communicating via Skype from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (U of M), a public research university located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, United States.

Mrs. S' driver license shows a Toronto address. Tatiana Maslany, who plays Sarah and the clones, is Canadian, as are the majority of the principal actors. While she and a few others are from western Canada, the majority of the cast is from Ontario and Quebec. Jordan Gavaris who plays Felix, for example, is from Ontario. Evelyne Brochu, who plays Delphine, is from Quebec. A very few cast members are from the United States and the British Isles. The actress who plays Mrs. S was born in Dublin, Ireland. Creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson originally planned that all of the clones would be exactly identical in both their looks and personalities and therefore they would tell each other apart by colored code names. Hence the name Orphan Black was created.

Sarah is an orphan. See this conversation between Mrs. S and Sarah:

Mrs S: "There were rumors about the kids we were hiding - the ones that came in Carlton's pipeline - like you. Children in the black."


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Dr. Anansa Linderby is kidnapped in a medical mission in Africa by a slave trader. From this moment, her husband will do anything to recover her and to punish the bad guys, but that will be not an eas

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: Ashanti

genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


imdb: 5.4

duration: 1h 58min

tags: ...slavery today!


keywords: femalenudity, fullfrontalfemalenudity, skinnydipping, slave, africa, escapeattempt, sextrafficking, sexslave, drugged, childrape, interracialcouple, death, murder, husbandwiferelationship, internation















































Dr. Anansa Linderby is kidnapped in a medical mission in Africa by a slave trader. From this moment, her husband will do anything to recover her and to punish the bad guys, but that will be not an easy task. There have been far too few mainstream films set in post-colonial Africa, and the ones that have are a mixed bunch. This one, with its altruistic pretensions to expose slavery in the 1970s, shows the best and worst values of Africa, which turn out not to be too different to the values of humanity as a whole. It also has shortcomings, given the undue influence of western pre-conceptions of Africans and, especially, Arabs.

Dr Anansa Linderby, the beautiful African-American wife of the English doctor David Linderby, is captured by Arab slave-traders, along with a teenage Sanufu girl and a young boy. The lead slave-trader, Suleiman, is every bit the stage Arab, with his flowery and sometimes humorous rhetoric, and gestures to match - which would not be out of place on "Carry On Follow that Camel" but are not up the standard this film deserves. Peter Ustinov of course had more than enough skills to address some of the shortcomings of the script, and he rescued what could otherwise have been a woeful one-dimensional character.

Continuing the stereotypical theme, all three of Suleiman's Arab employees are unintelligent and one has paedophilic tendencies towards the boy, which thankfully are not portrayed on the screen.

One of David's first ports of call is the local police officer, a stereotypical pompous and incompetent African bureaucrat. David then meets two stereotypical white ex-pats, an Englishman (Walker, played by Rex Harrison) and an American (Sandell, played by William Holden). Sandell is a mercenary with "conventional" views on mixed-race relationships, who initially refuses to help unless David provides payment up front. Won over by David's love for Anansa, and conscious of his own inability to find love, he agrees to take David up in his helicopter to help search for Anansa. They find Suleiman and his captives crossing the border and are unable to pursue them into the neighbouring territory - as a result of Sandell's hesitation and David's lack of experience with firearms, his helicopter is shot down but David survives.

We then see David introduced to Malik (Kabir Bedi), an African who has lost his family to Suleiman and is now only driven by vengeance. They find the Sanufu girl with a group of Tuareg and know they are on the right track to find Suleiman.

In one of the most heart-rending scenes they kill a party of slave traders only to find that it was not Suleiman's group, and have no choice but to send their captives to the Tuaregs they met earlier.

Later on we discover that the young boy who had been raped is a witch doctor and, in an excellent scene with supernatural overtones, he uses his knowledge to kill one of Suleiman's henchmen. Anansa on her part - and despite the scepticism of the boy - manages to engineer the demise of Suleiman's two other employees.

By this time Suleiman and his slaves are within days of reaching the slave market.

Suleiman, now in no doubt that Anansa is "trouble", attempts to sell her to an obscenely wealthy Arab prince (Omar Sharif) who is corrupt but intelligent. On discovering that Anansa is an American working for the U.N., the prince rather unwisely decides to carry on with the bargaining without considering the consequences. The scene where the two men haggle is one of the best in the film.

At the slave market, the young boy is sold to a middle-aged German paedophile, and we are left to guess whether the boy will still be considered "wunderbar" when his owner is on the receiving end of his witch-doctoring skills.

David and Malik finally confront Suleiman and there is a bitter-sweet ending from Malik's point of view.

Ultimately, David and Anansa are re-united, and Malik, whose life is in ruins, can console himself with having seen the task he set himself completed.

The overall plot of the film is excellent but it loses marks for its stereotypical portrayal of nearly all the leading characters. Credit must go to all the leading actors for addressing many of the shortcomings of the scripting. With "Ashanti", Richard Fleischer,one of the most talented (and underrated)American directors hit rock bottom.Was it the same man who made "Clay Pidgeon" and "Follow me quietly" (early period) ,"Violent Saturday" and "the Vikings" (middle) and finally reached a breath-taking maturity with "The Boston Strangler" "10 Rillington Place " or "Solyent green" (which contains what might be the most moving scene in the American movies of the seventies:the death of E.G.Robinson)."Solyent green" was also Fleischer's death as an artist;there's simply not one movie worth seeking out afterward:"Mandingo" "the Don is dead" (A poor man's "Godfather" where Fleischer met up with Quinn he had already directed in his remarkable "Barabba" ) "Conan" or "Amytiville (3D!) are dreadful stuff.

"Ashanti" is no exception in Fleischer's dismal final years.The slave trade which still exists today was a good subject though;after "Mandingo" why not "Ashanti"?But James Mason could not save that movie ;Both Ustinov and Caine ,two veterans of the English cinema ,cannot save "Ashanti.Peter Ustinov gives a tongue in cheek performance,knowing that the only way to deal with such a screenplay is not to take it seriously.Even Omar Sharif comes to the rescue (so to speak).It seems the one mistake that the slave trader made is to have abducted an educated woman (a doctor!).

Too bad a subject so serious should be botched that way.


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Two best friends break into a warehouse and uncover strange artifacts that unleash incredible powers.

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Two best friends break into a warehouse and uncover strange artifacts that unleash incredible powers.


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A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his monsters.

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original title: The Monster Squad

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duration: 1h 19min

tags: Call them for a monster-ous good time.

budget: $12,000,000

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Young kids form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon get more than they bargained for when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. Our heroes - the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way. A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his monsters. I don't have any nostalgia for these sorts of children's movies, but I admit that "The Monster Squad" is charming in parts. And, as a comedy, it works about as well as, say, "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" (1948), which isn't bad. The "Wolf man's got nards" line and the "dorking" comments, however, are atrocious. On the other hand, "The Monster Squad" almost seems daring compared to today's kiddie fare considering that it consists of some mild curse words, which I'm not even sure I'm allowed to repeat on IMDb. And, kids can be bigots, so it's realistic that the ones in this movie spout homophobic slurs and mock people for their appearances and other superficial qualities. One kid is called "the fat kid" repeatedly throughout, for example, and a Holocaust survivor is referred to as the "scary German guy." But, the kids are curious, and they have a passion that's contagious.

Dracula and the Frankenstein creature make out the best among the monster rally: one is a solid villain and the other a sympathetic monster. The Wolf Man plays out his usual Jekyll/Hyde identity crisis, as a repentant man and a deranged animal, but the werewolf costume is pretty bad. Gillman and the Mummy have little to do, and the three brides of Dracula are especially too slow to be a menace. The semordnilap of "Alucard," also employed in other Dracula movies, "Son of Dracula" (1943) and "Dracula A.D. 1972" (1972), is repeated here for no apparent reason and for further no apparent reason the kid sees what he can spell by mixing up the words. The pairing of the little girl with the Frankenstein monster is a better reference and reworking of a classic horror film, "Frankenstein" (1931). In general, "The Monster Squad" is a sincere homage and charming successor to the classic monster movies.

(Mirror Note: The German proves to the kids he's not a vampire by pointing out that he has a reflection in a mirror.) One of the quintessential vintage monster movies. Inspired in part by the "The Little Rascals", "The Goonies" (this film and that Richard Donner movie obviously giving rise to Abram's "Super 8") and the all-time champion Universal classics. This movie is pure awesomeness, headed by Fred Dekker and with special effects by none other than Stan Winston (the man behind "Jurassic Park" and other legends, enough said). If you, like me, saw Stephen Sommer's "Van Helsing" and felt your favorite monsters had been turned into CGI monstrosities, then this is for you.

Every monster is somewhat updated, but for the most part they retain their classic features. The make-up and animatronics are done quite awesomely. Duncan Regehr is so great as Dracula ("Meeting adjourned".BOOM!!) and Tom Noonan is just fantastic as Frankenstein's Monster. The 'Gill Man' and the Mummy look pretty bad-ass as well. Enhancing these beasts are great sets and a spectacular score by Bruce Broughton.

Andrew Gower, Ryan Lambert, Stephen Macht, Leonardo Cimino are all very good in their simple but very enjoyable characters. Brent Chalem will always be remembered as Horace, R.I.P.

The tone of the film is odd but that's what makes it so memorable. I can see why at the time of its release why audiences may have been put off by the movie. After all, plenty of swearing, strong content, but the leads are children. Who exactly was the target audience? The dialogue is snazzy, the comedy well-staged and yet these characters feel very real to us. That's really where the audience is; anyone who is willing to embrace the characters really. And no worry, all along there is some excellent carnage. After all, if nothing else, the film answers the age old question if a silver bullet really is the only way to kill a werewolf.

Loads of fun and a classic that's for damned sure. In honor of Fat Kid: "Wolfman's got nards!!" This second feature from director Fred Dekker is a poorly paced and haphazardly scripted horror-comedy that is neither scary nor particularly funny. There's only one way - shoot him with a silver bullet! Even throwing him out of a window onto a bomb (or dynamite) won't work or old age.

Answer: Folklore says werewolves can be killed by silvers bullets and by removing the brain or heart from the body.


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When an agent's death is faked in Geneva, Drake must find and retrieve him while avoiding the authorities finding proof that he or the missing agent are spies.

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Quando la morte di un agente 竪 contraffatta a Ginevra, Drake deve trovarlo e recuperarlo evitando che le autorit trovino la prova che lui o l'agente scomparso sono spie. 鏤La morte dell'agente Standfast 竪 finta vicino a Ginevra e viene rapito da agenti stranieri. Il compito di Drake 竪 provare a trovarlo. Non viene aiutato dal capitano della polizia locale che non 竪 soddisfatto della presenza di agenti stranieri in Svizzera. Drake interrompe quindi due agenti stranieri che saccheggiano l'appartamento di Standfast alla ricerca di un microfilm che contenga i suoi contatti. Sembra che Standfast sia stato tradito da un doppio agente e Drake passa attraverso i suoi contatti per scoprire chi 竪. Anche dopo aver trovato il traditore deve ancora trovare Standfast. 鏤Prima di arrivare all'argomento 竪 stato il titolo di questa recensione ... per qualche motivo mentre ascoltavo la musica a tema di Danger Man, il pensiero del gruppo jazz di Star Wars (dalla scena del bar) che suonava il tema di Danger Man mi pass嘆 per la testa. esilarante o cosa? Qualcuno dovrebbe fare un'animazione di quella band suonando un remix jazzato del tema Danger Man! Sarebbe divertente, eh?

Ad ogni modo, se hai letto quasi tutte le mie recensioni per la serie di mezz'ora o 1 ora sai che sto documentando i vari spy gadget impiegati dal nostro eroe e maestro spia, John Drake. In questo episodio otteniamo il nostro secondo sguardo a un gadget elegante che 竪 stato visto solo una volta finora; il portasigarette che funge anche da radio a due vie. Questo aggeggio 竪 stato individuato per la prima volta in "Loyalty Always Pays".

Tuttavia, in questa puntata della serie, il portasigarette assume una nuova personalit; ora funge da ricevitore per il dispositivo di bugging del problema standard che John sta sempre piantando qua e l, oltre a registrare la conversazione! S狸, hanno quasi trapiantato il budello dell'onnipresente registratore elettrico-rasoio-registratore nel portasigarette.

Altri gadget visti in questo episodio sono un sigaro con una cavit nascosta, che Drake mette una striscia di pellicola accigliata e un complimento di fuochi d'artificio e fumogeni che l'uomo spia innesca per impedire a sei uomini malvagi di ucciderlo. LOL! Il finale di questo particolare spettacolo 竪 piuttosto buono. interessante vedere la stessa porta deluxe della camera blindata utilizzata qui ... hai indovinato ... 'La lealt paga sempre'.

Una bella svolta in questo spettacolo 竪 che Drake puo ' t scegli la serratura della porta della camera blindata, e devi formare un Piano B. Questa sfumatura si aggiunge al fattore plausibilit.

Ti stiamo vedendo ... Lo spettacolo inizia con un auto distrutto in scena. Quindi, un cadavere viene posto nel veicolo e viene incendiato. Ovviamente lo stanno preparando per sembrare un agente britannico 竪 morto ma 竪 molto vivo - e lo trivelleranno per avere informazioni.

Presto Drake arriva a Ginevra dove tutto questo 竪 avvenuto ed 竪 salutato in modo non particolarmente amichevole dalla polizia locale. Ovviamente pensano che lui e il presunto morto siano spie e Drake deve osservare il suo passo. Inoltre, e non particolarmente sorprendentemente, i cattivi presto escono dalla falegnameria per uccidere Drake - e Drake deve non solo fermarli ma trovare l'agente mancante.

Questo ha molta pi湛 azione del solito. Ci sono tonnellate di combattimenti e Drake 竪 pi湛 brutale del normale. Ho particolarmente amato quando ha rovinato il ragazzo con la sua auto verso la fine. Ma, nella tipica moda Drake, evita di usare una pistola e riesce a far sembrare tutto piuttosto semplice! Divertimento e ne vale la pena.


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